LEAP Programme

The face of many workplaces and the readiness for such is continuously evolving.

While you may feel like the world is standing still, your plans to bring your A-game to that dream job interview should still be in motion … but how do you make that LEAP?

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Having identified the need for our beneficiaries and graduates at large to receive support in their transition from tertiary education to the workplace, the PPS Foundation developed LEAP. This is a work-readiness programme that aims to equip attendees with unmatched skills, tools and mechanisms vital for their assimilation into the work environment.

LEAP is short for Learned, Engaged, Accelerated Professionals – and provides professional development workshops on topics such as personal branding, communication and presentation skills, CV & interview preparation, as well as financial wellness geared at young professionals.

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LEAP Programme
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Connecting Job Seekers for a better tomorrow

Recent graduates and entry-level professionals can select a range of job opportunities provided on the portal to connect with potential employers from various industries.